"Love is sacred anywhere"

Creativity, attention to detail and a touch of romance. We will construct and personalise your wedding in a unique and memorable way, above all we will create an event to bring out your style and tell your love story. Apart from choosing among the most beautiful and suggestive Italina locations, your only job is to dream.


One of the most attractive cliffs among the Calabria coasts for a romantic wedding, elegant, sublime. The sunset lights, the colours and the scent of the sea give your wedding a typical Mediterranean atmoshpere. The offer has been designed in every details for a wedding up to 50 people, in spring and summer time.


A typical Calabria wedding in one of the most characteristic locations of the region. An enchanted 12th-century castle furnished in style of past centuries, in the heart of the hills of the Calabrian countryside. Stables, riding stables, viniyards and rural areas source of our cusine full of quolity 0 Km products.

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