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Some of the best meals in Italy aren’t found in Rome or Tuscany, but from the southern region of Calabria. The toe of Italy’s boot is making a name for itself in food and wine circles[...]

Known for spicy dishes and much of the world’s supply of bergamot, Calabria is pivoting toward lighter fare, organic farming and wine made from local grapes. [...]

— DANIELLE PERGAMENT [New York Times - JANUARY 4, 2017]

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Wedding on the cliff

Between the Calabrian coast and one of the most attractive cliffs we propose a romantic and elegant wedding. The light at sunset, the colours and scent of the sea will give your wedding a typical Mediterranean feel.


Wedding in the vineyard

A typical Calabrese wedding in one of the most characteristic areas of the region. In a magical 12th centruy castle furnished in the tastes of times gone by, it is found in the hills of the Calabrian countryside. Stables, vines and farmland gives food rich in the O km concept.


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