All About Us

All about us

We are a team of young people who love travelling, and keeping up to date with all the latest innovations in our sector. Music, spectacle, stalls, banquets and ceremonies have been our passion for many years. Our English and Italian staff are creative in wedding and event planning, each specializing in a different sector, and will design a charming and memorable occasion for you.

You will be given all the attention and ideas that you need in order to create the event of your taste and needs. We specialize in customized and exclusive weddings and events of all sizes and budgets. Our service extends to your guests.

We can book transfers, accommodation, and excursions to see locations of interest and beauty in Calabria. We can give you an unforgettable event and wonderful vacation with your family and friends.

The key word for All About Marriage is originality. Our aim is to produce a luxury event experience. Our clients will have no stress as the preparations unfold with the aid of our specialist suppliers and qualified personnel who will take on all planning and projections involved.

To give an impeccable service we have a detailed selection of suppliers and qualified personnel. There will be a series of meetings in person or via video link to allow a discussion and exchange of ideas with the client and to get general information: these ideas will be our starting point.

These dreams will be graphically realized before the event to allow for the possibility of any changes in opinion or ideas.