All About Us

All about us

Creativity, passion, enterprise and experience in organising events is the way of our company. Music, spectacle, banquets and ceremonies have always been our only love. Bringing to life the desires of our clients makes us very happy. Our team is young, dynamic and versatile, constantly evolving in the research for the musts of this sector; punchy with the right frame of mind to deal with any type of event. Our international team members are both Italian and English, ideal and an added value for connecting ideas and cultures for all events.

Professionalism, competence and experience equates to All About Marriage. For our "Luxury Event Experiences" originality is our strongest point. The event organisation is a 360 effort by our team, allowing the clients peace of mind and to enjoy the various preparatory stages without the stress and strain of planning.

We bring our clients ideas to life. Your idea is the seed we nurture, and periodic meeting make sure that the growth is in the direction you want. We will show you designs and illustrations giving you a beforehand vision of your event.

There will be a series of meetings or video/conferences to brainstorm with our clients: their views and ideas is our starting point.

These dreams will be graphically realized before the event to allow for the possibility of any changes in opinion or ideas.